Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This and That

Good Morning Folks

Just a few things noticed on the passing scene.

I went to the veterans Hospital and help center this week, had my hearing tested, which resulted in my being fitted for 2 custom hearing aids.

I've known for some time that I had a hearing loss, but must confess, with guilt, that I blamed it on a lot of other things, The T.V., people with soft voices, etc, etc, etc,, but in the end it was all on me. The M.D. who tested my hearing said that the loss was a nerve deafness caused, in part, by the dozens and dozens of Ear Infections that I had, every winter, all winter, as a Child, up until I was a Freshman in High School. Now this may seem like a small fault to confess, but a feller has to start somewhere.

I had a good long look at the list of services offered by the Veterans Administration while I was at the hospital, and was very impressed. I know quite a few Veterans who could receive an awful lot of help from the V.A., if they would just go and speak, in an Honest fashion, regardless of the difficulty of admitting where a person needs help.

Who knows, it could be the start of a whole new life, Counselors are waiting and are ready and willing to work with any Vet.

We all owe our Vets a great debt, and I sometime feel guilty by receiving some of the benefits of the V.A. for my entirely undistinguished Military Service, but at any rate, it is a valuable resource for all Veterans. We have thousands of Veterans returning from Combat now a days, and we should all do our part in helping them.

On another subject, I've been trying to take care of my Wife, who fell a couple of weeks ago and broke her leg in two places, and Buddy if you are a Man who doesn't think your wife does much around the house, just try and take her place for awhile and I guarantee you will be disabused of that notion, added to the fact that I'm still not doing everything my wife does, am 78 years old and have a Dickey Heart and C.O.P.D., by damn makes me realize anew how hard my wife works and how thankful I am  that she's been by my side, through good time and bad, (sometimes it seems like the scale droops more to the bad side) for 59 years. I AM A LUCKY MAN.

On yet another subject, Pat Conroy has a new book out and its about. . . guess what. . . His Father. Now obviously I didn't know his Father, but judging solely by what Conroy writes, old Dad was abusive as Hell, but the thing that occurs to me that  if Pat had had a happy, loving Pappy, what in the Hell what would he writing about and thus earning a good enough living to grow a Fat Ass. There are no doubt Millions of kids around that had or are having a Father as bad as, if not worse that that of Conroys, who grew up resolving to never treat his kids as bad as Conroys Pater Nasty apparently did.
Now I haven't read this latest work yet, but I know for sure that it is an epistle about how badly he was abused as a child.
It would really be refreshing if Mr. conroy wrote a book about something OTHER than his Father

We are currently slogging through about eight or so inches of snow and I'll tell you one thing for sure. The folks that say they just love Winter are welcome to all of it, for my money.

Stay Well

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