Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ho Ho Ho

Good Morning and Happy Christmas:

Those of you who take issue with the use of the word Christmas because it Contains the name of Christ may detest my use of this word, but as far as I'm concerned you can kiss my patootie, Most especially that result of a sexual liasion between a politician and an egotistical Drunk, Bill Maher.

Mr. Maher seems to have never been disabused of his belief that he speaks with great wisdom.
Mr. Maher is, of course, thanks to the late stalwart of stupidity, Earl Warren, free to believe anything he chooses, and to bray them ceaselessly to any and everyone unfortunate enough to be downwind of one of his diatribes.
There are, sadly, in this Country, more than a few people who believes that if we could just remove the name of Jesus Christ, the Ten commandments, and for I know, the Boy Scout oath from any and all places where crowds of two or more people might congregate, out Nation would immediately become prosperous again, out Dogs would all be spayed or neutered, our Crab Grass would all immediately wither and die, our Rivers would cease flooding and become well behaved and the Gas Tanks on our Automobiles would somehow, magically, always remain full, and we would never outgrow our clothes.
I personally blame all of these nonsenseities to one thing. A lack of Fruitcake. Perhaps I am the only individual to notice that Fruitcake is the target of seemingly all those walk erect, and is ceaselessly castigated in print and by cartoonists.
I believe that this is an unfair situation. I like Fruitcake. I could survive indefinitely with a good heavy Fruitcake on the sideboard for dessert. What most people don't know is that Moses had a wagon load of Fruitcakes with him when he led the people of Israel into exile in the sands of the desert, and he and his followers would have perished soon had it not been for this wonderous Gateau (which is French for Anchor).

So anyone out there who has a legacy Fruitcase thats been in their family's larder for Generations, and is shunned by the community for this possession, may feel free to send it to me forthwith, for I love them.

 Am I the only person in the Country who finds Television as boring as Basketball?

Ever the optimist, I scan the T.V. listings in the daily Newspaper hoping against hope to find something good to watch, but barring the National Geographical Channel, the History Channel and P.B.S., and the 'Jeopardy' program, am almost always disappointed.
I have long since given up on the Discovery Channel, among others, who ceaselessly offer programs that are about as horrible as a Carnival Freak Show. It seems the only requirement of these shows are; Tattoos or Beards, ceaseless profanity, near nudity or a combination of all the above. Shows that started out an innocent premise, to trace the activities of . . . say Guys who restore or customize Classic Cars, have slowly denigrated to the point of absolutely being the result of a Script, written by an Idiot or a collection of same.

Okay. Thats enough for now. I trust I have filled the CHRISTmas stockings of everyone who accidently or on purpose read this drivel.

Stay Happy and Healthy everybody (except Maher)
and never lose the memories of Happys Past.

Best Wishes


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