Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good Evening Folks

As you can see I've had to increase the Font Size on this blog, due to Google changing so many things about BlogSpot and/or blogger.I guess they (google) figure that since it doesn't cost anything to have a blog on either of these two sites, one shouldn't complain about a few changes, and maybe they are right, whoknows?

I've been asked how I would typify myself as a writer, blogger or what have you, and never knew what to reply.
so. .  . I've decided to call myself a Ninja Writer. I don't, as far as I can tell, fall into any other category save, perhaps, amateur.

But since I've never been one to fence myself in in few or any endeavors, I've decided to call myself a Ninja Writer. I will write as well as I am able, but I will not necessarily comply with any of the Iron rules of writing. I will capitalize when and if I choose, punctuate, when I do at all, strictly when and where I choose, and just in general write in a fashion that would horrify an English teacher (that's the one sop I'll throw them).

My youngest son is currently awaiting publication of his second book, so HE and he alone will be the writer in this family.

So. . . Dear Hearts, I will continue to write to please myself and if I accidently please someone else, it'll be an accident.

I have over the past several months been writing a series of stories, hopefully in the Comedy Genre, about two boys/men who are residents of  the fictional town of BeeHop, Arkansas. Neither of these youths is what one would call intelligent, gifted, ambitious, or any other of the qualities we like to use when we are praising someone. They live to please themselves, and scrape along as best they are able. I have arbitrarily named these two nimrods Therlew and Norvun and I am trying to make the stories about them and their little town amusing to me, and perhaps sufferable to a few others. I may or may not someday start posting an occasional one of these efforts on this site, and if I do, I won't even bother to try to evade the slings and arrows from those literati who always know better.

thanks and Stay Well


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