Monday, June 9, 2014

When a little becomes a lot

Good Afternoon Folks:

A funny thing happened to me a couple of days ago. I was reading the Newspaper when suddenly something in one of the usually long, boring, mysterious plot editorials struck my eye.

It was something (and I'm winging it here, as I've misplaced the newspaper) on the order of two 12 year old girls in "the projects" had been arrested for stabbing a playmate who was also 12.
the Editorial went on to discuss, in a mystified way, what could have possibly led to this act. The writer stated, as just an aside, for some reason this type of thing was happening all over the country, and wasn't it a shame that Congress hadn't allotted more monies to give to young, unmarried, uneducated, single family homes to alleviate such behavior, for it a proven liberal fact that if you throw enough money at it, the Leopard will most assuredly change its spots, ask anyone in the liberal press and they will ask for just a liiitttlllee more time and they'll quote you chapter and verse of such an occurrence, and while you are waiting, start building a full scale replica of the Eiffel Tower in your back yard. You'll have plenty of time to finish it. Now if any of you have stuck with me so far, I would like to draw a corollary between this unhappy state of affairs, and an occurrence  in some of the Southern States over the last half century or so. Now before you dig out your old Ivy League Sweatshirt, Fire of your BMW or Porsche, pick up a few dozen "Register to Vote, NOW!!!! signs, you're on the wrong track.

It seems that back in the Fifties some misguided soul computed (guessed) that the American Alligator was an ENDANGERED SPECIES! Oh  my  God. The sky is surely falling. So these selfsame idiots turned loose of a few Millions of Daddykins Millions to our Honest Benevolent Congressmen (talk about an Endangered Species) and got them to Pass laws to protect with loving care these lovely holdovers of the Pleistocene age, with huge fines to be levied if anyone so much as disturbed the nap of good old Albert. And well time passed, as it is wont to do and guess what?. . . Both the Alligators and species AmericanusGreeduscomgressRex had not only thrived, but multiplied.

Suddenly someone happened to look up and notice that most of the Southern States were rapidly becoming swamped with these peace loving Animals.(just the Alligators) I read in the Newspaper yesterday that Four of these swamp denizens had to be removed from the grounds of a Grammar School in Florida, one of these scaly chaps was about Eight feet long.  So as we did during the Nuclear Building Boom Congress jumped in with both feet and declared an Alligator Open Season. In the States affected, One month a year, Hunters can take up to several Hundred Alligators, if they can afford to purchase a bundle of tags, one of which has to be inserted through the tail of every 'Gator taken. And another astounding fact is that, so far, this doesn't seem to have had any affect. GOSH!! Who could have guessed.
Now the corollary. Have you been watching the Television and reading the Newspapers ? Notice any change ? Any decline in illegitimate Births? And decrease in Murder rates in almost any big city? Any reduction in streetcorner Drug Sales? any increase in Grades in Schools?.

Maybe the Alligators were and are the lesser of two evils? Some of you may remember a terrific comic strip called "The Swamp" ? If you do, you will undoubtedly recall one of its principal characters i.e. "Pogo Possum", you will doubtless also remember one of his humerous and dead-on sayings..."We has met the enemy and he is us"..Of course, if you disagreed with ogo, he also stated, "To each his everlovin blue eyed own".

Stay Well

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