Thursday, December 4, 2014


Hello Folks:
I watched with interest an Interview with Charles Barkley over the past few days, in which he stated his opinion of the people who, upon receiving the verdict that the Grand Jury returned in the matter of the recent of an 18 year old youth in Ferguson, Missouri.

I honestly cannot say that I was surprised when hordes of lawless fools descended upon the area and began looting and setting afire businesses in the area. Now, I'd venture a guess that not ONE person in that mob ever once thought, "wait a minute" the folks who own this store or shop had NOT one damn thing to do with either the shooting, the verdict of the Grand Jury or anything else pertaining to this matter. These individuals just saw an opportunity to steal as much as they could carry and then set the just pillaged shop afire to make their theft seem like anger. It wasn't anger. It was GLEE. A damned good chance to light finger a bunch of stuff with little or no chance of being arrested.

Therefore I was, as I have already stated, very interested in Mr. Barkley's opinion's. He stated that the people who were doing all these illegal acts were "scumbags" and he said that the verdict of the Grand Jury was properly the only verdict they could have returned, given the testimonials offered there. He, as I, was also interested, and outraged, that some of those testifying had shown by THEIR OWN TESTIMONY THAT THEY WEREN'T EVEN AT THE SCENE, EITHER WHEN THE SHOOTING TOOK PLACE OR  IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS.

Mr. Barkley also said  words to the effect that it is monumentally stupid to think that the Police are always wrong or that all Black people are always innocent. Just as (I think) it would be monumentally stupid of me to think that all white people are always right. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that when one or more white trash individuals are arrested for, among other things, making and/or selling Meth, I will either vocally or in the written words say a sincere 'Attaboy(s)" to our Police Officers.

And I say OUR Police Officers advisedly. these unsung heroes are, in their own words, 'SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE'.

Now let me be a little more clear, in case there is any confusion of any of my words. All Black People ARE NOT crooks or trash.
All White People are not crooks or trash and most certainly, neither group are always innocent or guilty.

And all the foregoing is why I so happily endorse Charles Barkley's words, and if I knew how to contact him I would thank him, knowing full well that he wouldn't care what I thought, and I would not by taken aback by this, as, THE MAN SAYS WHAT HE THINKS!!.

It's just too bad that our news media do not hew to this line. Its also a damned shame that so few people, beside me, saw the video of the Poor, Innocent, Angelic, slender young Mr. Brown just boldly helped himself to an entire box of Swisher Sweet cigars, and tried to steal a second box only to be thwarted by his cohort in this crime who wanted no part of it and put the box of cigars aside,

 that Brown had thrust at him while he (Brown) was in the process of stealing another box of the Cigars. And I am sorry that so few people watched the store tape that showed all the foregoing, along with the slight Asian clerk being shoved violently back when he objected to the crime and then when he (the clerk) said something else to Brown, Brown turned and advanced upon the clerk in a threatening manner..

To sum up.


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