Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lost and sometimes found.

Good Morning All;

I would presuppose that we have all, at one time or another, misplaced something, only after a lengthy period of searching, began to feel as if there is a Poltergeist in our home, who mischievously periodically hides items just to feed off our frustration. My wife, especially, will take an oath on Websters Unabridged Dictionary that this is so in our home.

She frequently has to go on a "Treasure Hunt" to locate missing car keys, glasses, grocery lists, etc.

Her hunts for the T.V. remote have become so frequent that I have laughingly offered to get her a shoulder holster to keep the remote in, while she, in retaliation, has frequently said shes going to hang my car keys from my zipper tab so I'll know to always 'Zip up" before going out. But I'm afraid that would be frustrating, as I would undoubtedly spend hours looking for my Keys, before Goodwife snickeringly asks "have you checked your Zipper", the answer of course would always be....."well of Course" followed by, "How'd they get there?????"

I would guess that the above subject that is contagious will us all, especially as we age, past 21 or so.

The reason I've posted this today, is that I've just spend hours going through about 50 boxes of books, looking for a specific Title, that I've misplaced.

My wife is currently in a Rehabilitation Facility recovering from a Knee Replacement and a subsequent cerebral Event, and since she always loved this book, I thought I'd try to find it for her.

The Title of the book is, to the best of my recollection, "Dear Friend, or Dear Friends, and is a compilation of letters home from a civil war soldier. I think I remember the book is green, but thats about all the information I recall. Oh Well, I'll either find it or not. Not a crisis.

Have any of you ever lost something that really frustrated you, or found it, glaringly in sight after hours of looking, or perhaps found it (the misplaced object) years later, and been gladdened by finding the treasured object?

If so, chime in and let me know so I won't think I'm the only forgetful nut around.

Stay Well.


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Anonymous said...

I found a book entitled MY DEAR FRIEND on the internet. It is a collection of letters by Clyde G. Wiggins. The soldiers name was Alva Benjamin Spencer from the 3rd Georgia Regiment. Here is the Internet Site: