Monday, October 5, 2009


Good Evening gentle Folk:

This will hopefully just be a short post, as I am sort of tired.

Five days ago my Wife had to go into the Hospital to replace a worn out knee joint with a new Wonderous Titanium Artificial Knee. I dreaded the operation for my wife, for I knew it was going to be a lengthy process, and a painful one. We had absolute confidence in Our Orthopedic Surgeon, for he has done hundreds, perhaps thousands of successful such operations.

He was also Degreed in Mechanical Engineering, Prior to entering the medical/Surgical field, and had whittled on me a couple of times, with great success, and was and is a Great Guy.

Everything went fine during the Operation, and for the day following, Goodwife was alert and responding well to Physical Therapy, and was conversing sensibly and easily.

That all began to change late on that day however. She began talking irrationally, reaching Autonomically ( or some such miscommunication between certain neurons and ganglia perhaps taking a left turn instead of a right)to things unseen in the air, and in general, just not anywhere near her normal self. I was worried and talked to the RN who was caring for my wife, and she told me that such behavior was pretty normal for a Post-Op patient after Joint Replacement Surgery, but I was still not satisfied and was worried.

I had scarcely gotten home on Sunday night when I was awakened by a phone call from the Hospital, telling me that my wife had been admitted to Intensive Care and requesting that I come posthaste. My Daughter and I rushed to the Hospital, and found my wife in a state of near insane behavior. She was Hysterical and accusing the Hospital personnel of dragging her down the halls, throwing her about and being mean to her..

I was then told by the Charge Nurse on that floor that my wife had suffered not one but possibly two Strokes. I was speechless with fright, and immediately began Praying that somehow she would pull through this ordeal, but I can't say I was confident in her recovery, but finally the Medical Personnel involved found that my wife's physical descent and crisis was probably caused by a lack of an essential Mineral and perhaps( their words) her receiving the wrong type of Medication.

In the interim, My Son and his Wife had come down, and both were anguished, but we are fortunate that My Daughter in law is in the Health Care Field and was able to help us become more informed as to my Wife's condition, as well as reassuring my wife, in her always kind and sweet demeanor, that she (Wifey) would be fine and reassure her . My son however, was ready to Kill whoever was responsible for his Mom's Problem. Luckily for the Hospital he and his wife had to return home the next day, as they had to work, or else there would be a smoking ruin where the Hospital used to be, (just kidding, but not much).
But as I write this she seems to be much better and hopefully will be out of I.C.U. tomorrow, and then perhaps then in a day or two will be ready to go to a Rehabilitation Facility for about three weeks of Physical Therapy, to begin her healing process.

During this process, I have struck a couple of one sided deals with God. I asked for my Wife's full Recovery, and asked that I pre-decease her by many years, as I do not and have not ever wanted to live without the Person I have lived with and Loved for over three fourths of our lives.

I trust you will forgive my interjecting this personal note on my Blog, but as I'm sure as many of you know, writing can be a therapeutic thing, even if poorly done as is mine.

(Added five days Later).....................

I will add one more thing to this post, and then I promise I'll shut up.

The first night in I.C.U. After the nurses on duty, the Anesthesiologist, and my Wife's Cardiologist had visited, I was finally told by one Nurse (in a whisper) that she had been the victim of a mistake in her Anesthesia, and that was what caused her problems. Needless to say,I was looking for someone to visit my wrath upon, and I told one little piss-ant of an Intern that he was not only a poor excuse for a Doctor, but what was probably upset, thinking that perhaps God had a Doctor Complex.
for some reason he got a little red in the face, which matched the color of my extreme lower back.

The Nurse the first Midnight shift was a godsend. She did everything she could do for my wife, and for my family and me. May she be blessed and may her tribe increase.

However on the third night, my Daughter and I were called upon by a Nurse who would give a bad name to lousy Nurses everywhere. She came in my wife's room, sat down and announced in her best Lucretia Borgia voice, "I want to know exactly what you people want me to do for you". And then proceeded to start an argument with my Wife and I.
I'm afraid I did not behave as a gentleman, escourting the Nurse into the Hall out of my Wife's earshot, and told her" DO NOT EVER ARGUE WITH A PATIENT !!!!!!
And added in my "Hit Man" whisper, "The Patient is not always right, but they are always the Patient, without which you would not have a job", and added, "But if you really want to be unemployed, with the current poor economy, I would be more than Happy to see that it becomes so!

My Daughter was there, as I said, and she has Red Hair and a temper to match. Yon Nurse does not know how close she came to Madame du Morte.

Anyway, my Wife is in a beautiful Rehabilitation Facility now, and the Personnel all seem to be wonderful, so we are looking forward to a Happy Outcome. Meanwhile I have to go help my Daughter finish the Voodoo Doll she is working on, and sharpen all the Barbs to be thrust therein. And oh yes, tomorrow is our Fifty-fifth Wedding Anniversery

Stay Well, Pleeeaaaase!!


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