Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mark Twain-Part two.

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Just another snippet from Twain and then I'll let the Gentleman rest.

Twain was commenting on the habit of some people to vote the party line, regardless:

"I have often wondered at the condition of things which set aside morality in politics and make possible the election of men whose unfitness is apparent. A mother will teach her boy at her knee to tell the truth, to be kind, to avoid all that is immoral. She will painstakingly guide his thoughts and actions so that he may grow up possessed of all the manly virtues, and the father of that boy, will, when it comes time for his son to cast his first vote, take him aside and advise him to vote for a bad man who is on the Democratic ticket because he has always adhered to Democratic principles. Could anything be more absurd" Interview, New York Herald, 1905

I believe what Twain is advocating here is for a person to use his or her common sense, and examine the qualifications and moral, ethics, etc, thoroughly and try his or her best to vote for the best Candidate.

I think we have all seen the fallacy of voting the "party line". This misuse can occur in two ways. Number one is the current office-holder is such a boob and has made such a mess of the Nation's Business, that it is thought that a candidate from the Opposite Party is bound to be better, and Number two, is just as Twain explains;
i.e. A boy or girl grows up hearing his or her parents extolling the virtues of one Party over another, and will thence unfailingly, for the rest of their lives, vote for the Party that Pappy voted for, without thought and without examination of the Candidates. I beg of you, don't do this. Take some time to give some thought to the matter, for it is important, and may very well save or take your life.

Its just common Sense.



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