Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Thoughts.

Good Afternoon:

Just a few thoughts on the passing scene.

Tiger Woods: Personally I don't give two hoots about Tiger (TomCat) Woods. Number one he ought to get down on his knees and thank both his creator and his Dad for making him what he is today (well not today-but currently).

The man is a Billionaire.....yep that's Billion with a Capital B . At his age and for what he has had to do to become so filthy rich is, well, obscene. I think its a poor comment on our National set of values when a guy can make this much money just playing a Game, and I don't care how seriously he takes it, it is still just that, a GAME ! He has more than one Mansion, a 57 million dollar Yacht, a knockout swedish model for a wife, children who don't look like him, free luxury cars for his families use, is on a first name basis with the President of the United States (Whoopee) as well as a litany of other Luminaries, and he still has to go Tomcatting around with a variety of women. Tiger needs to put his Ten Iron away and clean up his act, and stay out of the flipping news. please!.

Has anyone other than myself noticed that Novels are being printed on Thinner and Thinner paper all the time? It used to be when you were reading a book, and wished to turn a page, it was simple. Now when you turn a page, you have to be very careful as you will turn two or three pages, due to their being printed on a material not much thicker than that found on a roll in the average bathroom . I know its a cost cutting measure, but enough is enough.

Also I have stopped buying paperback books. In my lifetime I have seen the price of paperbacks go from 25 cents to 7 or 8 Dollars...FOR PAPERBACK! A book that will last for a few months, or a little longer if you don't read it, but if you do read it more than once you will find that the pages start to become detached for what passes for the spine of the book, making it precarious to read as pages drift to the floor.

I guess this is just a further symptom of the "High Profit by any means syndrome"

I've noticed that more and more items are being packaged in smaller containers at the same old price than ever before. Of course, next time around instead of reducing the size of the package , the manufacturer will raise the price a few cents, thus giving the consumer less for more money.

I can remember, just, when companies used to offer premiums to get people to buy their product, promote it on radio and T.V., offer a good product made in the U.S. by American Workers, and still make a good enough profit to pay their workers a good wage, offer them a pension plan and a medical plan, and STILL make money.

Of course that was before companies thought that if they hired a Chief Executive Officer , and paid him an obscene salary, it would help their product sales. I think that the Examples we have seen over the past months, with big Companies, REALLY big companies have gone toes up, Bankrupt, Kaput, flooey, should be noted by more than a few of today's "Executives. I can recall that when a company went Bankrupt it was because it was either a bad product or demand just waned due to a lack of competitiveness or a lack of demand for the product (Buggywhips, for Instance).

But I guess those days are gone forever. It seems like Honesty, Integrity,Truthfulness and the like are no more a part of the American Lexicon.

As an example, remember when a guy named Nardelli ran Home Depot? He nearly ran it into the ground with his crackpot business practices, and was fired WITH a Multi-Million dollar "Golden Parachute", only to be hired by Chrysler Corporation, presently on Probation until and unless they pay back the Truck-Load of Money that came from the "Borrowed from the Taxpayers Kitty". (Fat Chance). And part of the problem, or perhaps most of it, is because Chrysler, like many other American Companies are giving us Less for More. Whatever happened to our taking pride in the job we were given to do, and if we got fired, it was usually our fault, and we had no one to blame but outselves.

I cannot but help be a little proud of Ford Motor company for not taking the Government Dole, and relied instead on producing a good product.

Now if we would just all gather up all the wild hairs that made us go out and spend a years pay on an automobile,which depreciated at least 20% the moment it rolls off the showroom floor , and instead just all stopped buying New Cars,the Automakers would get the message.

One other thing and then I will shut up.. I think that anyone who uses a Cell Phone while Driving ought to lose their Driving AND Cell phone privileges for quite some time.

Also, I've seen more than enough of the flap about the "Party Crashers" at the White House. This simply tells me two things. One, that there are a plethora of people who will do almost anything, no matter how outrageous, to have their "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" (which really should be called "Fifteen Minutes of Shame") Also it seems to me, the average gonif, that some people in the "Social Secretary's Office dropped the Ball, and departed from their Policy Handbook, or normal logistics. Perhaps it's because the Person or Persons who are driving the ship of state do not know how to Navigate , plus having a crew of people chosen for reasons other than skill and experience. But...........what do I know? I think I've said repeatedly that I don't know a darned thing, other than I have no answers, only questions. I think this should tell one why I decided to name this Blog "Dot Common Sense". A sense that most working men and women know cannot be acquired by any means other than experience. It's a pity that Schools don't have a course in this acquired skill.

Cheers.(or jeers)


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