Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Political Shenanigans.

Hello Good People;

Well Tis The Season.

Congress, as we all know, has been working long and hard for lo these many months on a National Health Care Plan.

As far as I can tell, NO ONE, including Congress, knows exactly what the Bill will include (mandate) when and if it is passed, but I think I can say , with some degree of certainty, is that it will be a mess.

I base this prediction on standing History. Almost every single thing Congress gets itself into turns into a Train Wreck.

Want an example?... Hows this: A House Select Committee just gave their support to a bill that will allow the Government to Mandate how the NCAA Football Championships will be determined from now on. Now to be fair and specific, the bill HAS NOT passed the full House, nor has it made its way to the Senate.... but at the very least, the idea that Congress, in any of its disguises as a so called Public Servant(s) is even wasting its time, time that the American Taxpayer meets the Payroll for, on such an unimportant issue is ridiculous. They (Congress) have better things to do with their time, such as fattening their Pocketbooks and Juggling their Mistresses.

I say A Pox on the Houses of all Congressmen and Senators. If congress wants to really do something to help the American People, declare a moratorium for both Houses of Congress for just one year, and let us citizens muddle through on our own, I think we'll do just fine, thank You .I think an unpaid Moratorium would be the fittest.

I can state as an example One Act of Congress that is Mismanaged.

It is called the Energy Employee's Occupational Illness Compensation Act, or EEOICPA.

This was enacted to help compensate people, such as myself, who worked in the Nuclear Industry,and were sickened by Exposure to Radionucleides, such as Uranium, and its sister and daughter Elements.

The bill covered, among other things, Cancer,,BUT only a small list of certain Cancers determined by the Parchment Pushers of D.C. If one, such as I, had the wrong type of Cancer, too bad Charlie, the Bill doesn't apply to you.

And one other little Example of the unmitigated Stupidity of our Bloated Bureaucracy is the fact that if, The Department of Labor, which is currently administering this Act, says that one who worked for an 'Atomic Weapons Employer" is not covered by the Act. How's that for a contradiction in terms? The Bill was enacted to help those of us who, by virtue of our work with Noxious and Poisonous substances, had our health ruined and our Savings decimated, due to high Medical Bills (is there any other kind?), by compensating us to a limited degree for our lost savings, and monitor our Illnesse's. BUT the Geniuses in Congress and at the Labor Department, apparently thought that Atomic Weapons were made of sugar and spice and everything nice, and the development and production of those Weapons was somehow unrelated to anything else in the Nuclear Family. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it? But, thats the Government for you. A good slogan for Congress, indeed for the whole Government might be "We giveth with one hand and we Taketh away with the other hand, and then we put it in our hip pockets, SUCKERS!" If I sound bitter, it is because I am. I am also sentient enough to recognize a giant screw up when I see one.

In all of its permutations, the EEOICPA has so many ways to screw someone and to deny a claim, that you would need a Chinese Typewriter and its 3600 or so characters to spell out all the ways our benevolent Government has figured out to shaft people like myself who worked for almost 20 years in one of these Pestilential Plants, has exhausted all their life's savings on Medical Bills whose root was in their place and type of Employment, and judging from the letters I have received from the Labor Department (Boy if there was ever a wrongly labeled Department) takes a measure of delight in snottily informing one of their futility in even THINKING that they are qualified for help, under this Act.

So, Gentle People, forgive me if I rale against our Government, but it tears at my soul to think that this Nation has deviated so far from what our Founding Fathers envisioned, and fought and died for, as well as the Generation upon Generation of their descendents who have likewise fought and Died, to see this.......... this, parody that we call our Government.

Just for the heck of it, come next election, vote AGAINST EVERY SINGLE PERSON NOW IN OFFICE! Maybe if we, as citizens, fork out all the redolent piles of Equine Droppings in our Stables of Government, we might teach their replacements to be a little more assidious in their House (and Senate) keeping. This plan might not work but it sure as Hell would be better than what we are suffering through currently.



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