Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Good Evening good People;

The subject for this Blog Posting is Politics. Now I almost always obey the general rule that there are two things not to discuss; Politics and Religion.

And I don't discuss religion, although I've read the Bible, The Koran, The Talmud and the Book of Mormons. But I confess I haven't STUDIED them, so I in no way consider myself well enough versed to intelligently discuss the very deep subject of Religion.

However, I have studied Politics for a very long time. and I have come to a few conclusions.
I conclude that there is very little difference between the two Parties. At one time the Democrats were known as the working man's party and the Republicans were known as the rich man's party. As best as I can tell, this is no longer true. As an example, if you closely examine the donations all the various members of congress, you will find that just as many Democrats take (gladly) donations from a variety of Large Businesses, as do the Republicans. A saying I coined long ago goes as follows; "If you take a green crook and a brown crook and a white crook, and so on for all the colors in the spectrum, and you are color blind, all that you can say for certain, is that they are all crooks." Now I say that this could apply to most Politicians, Mostly on the State and Federal Level, I say Could, because there might be an honest Politician out there that I haven't heard about, If there is, I stand ready to apologize, and stand ready to suggest that they be placed in the Museum of Natural History, Primate Division of Endangered Species, or the Smithsonian as a Curiosity, along with the left handed typewriter and the Unsewing machine.

Now, what to do about our the ailing state of American Politics. I have a few suggestive thoughts on this matter, and after mulling them (the thoughts) over in my old feeble mind for a long time, I am ready to offer a few suggestions.

Eliminate the Party Labels. Require each candidate for public office write his Manifesto of the things he or she believes in, followed by the things he or she hopes to accomplish, If the office they seek is won. Now, a caveat, if a politician promises you, or the American Public, anything other than what is contained in their Manifesto, AND the simple statement that they will DO THEIR BEST, be very subjective in your judgement of them, after all that is all that any honest man can promise; "I'll do my best".

So far so good?

Next Limit the Primary Season to six months, and limit the campaign spending to one Million Dollars for any candidate. If they run out of money before the Primary Season is over, too bad, at least they will have learned how to follow a budget, something that I fear few of our current crop of "Pols" know anything about.

Next: Pass Laws(a Constitutional Amendment) that all Federal Offices shall be limited to one, six year term. Phrase the Amendment to read that 50% of the Politicians are elected every three years, that way there would always be somewhat of a Cadre of Experienced people in the House and the Senate. Also the limit of six years would allow the various people to get to the point of being able to function well, yet keep them from establishing a "Power Base", as now exists, in which too darn many Politicians secure for themselves a lifetime Sinecure. Now the opposing argument, i.e. that many Politicans would just sit on their increasingly fat behinds, knowing that their job was safe for six years,and do not one whit of work and Iconfess, that is a valid Argument, However, it is to be hoped, that the majority of the Electees would try to improve this Noble Country of Ours, do something worthwhile, and be known forever afterwards as a doer of Good Deeds.

I've got more to say about this, and I'll say it later, its bedtime, but as a thought for today, I heard a quote by an unknown Author, who said, "The one thing the Democrats and the Republicans have in common is a consuming interest in your (The Taxpayers) money!

Any thoughts? come on lets get a good rousing debate going, but be polite about it.

If you can , and please NO politicians, as that would be like allowing an accused robber to sit on his jury.



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