Friday, May 29, 2009

Latest Supreme Court nominee

Hello again Good People:
Today I'd like to talk a little about the President's first nomination for a Justice of the Supreme Court.

In nominating Sonia Sotomayor, currently a Federal Appeals Court Judge, for the supreme court, I think the President made a good and safe pick. Now this will surprise some people who know me as a lifelong Conservative, not a ranting and raving Conservative like rush limbaugh(Thank god), but a Conservative nonetheless. I guess I should spell conservative in lower case letters, since I really try not to get to worked up about anything, trying instead to come to an intelligent assessment of any issue I am interested in (and I promise I'll write about some of these issues later, in case someone accidently stumbles on my Blog).
Anyway, back to the nomination. Judge Sotomayor is being criticized by some of the "Old Guard" because of a statement she made that inferred she thought a Hispanic Woman would be a better Judge than a White Man. She hastily amended that statement, but you probably won"t hear much about that, as it doesn't support the "Chicken Littles", of the media and the Congress. What Judge S. undoubtably meant that in Judging a case of a Latino, Hispanic, or whatever label one chooses to use, a person of her ethnic background would, obviously be more likely to have walked in that person's shoes, than would a white man.

I would encourage all men and women of Goodwill (notice I capitalize some things that I deem important) rather than rushing to judgement of this Appointee to SCOTUS to instead study not only the Judge's personal life, but spend some time, actually quite a lot of time, reading as many of the over 3000 cases she has participated in, before arriving at a judgement.

Lets give the lady a chance and the benefit of doubt, which we all deserve,do we not?. We are giving the President this leeway, so why not the good lady?

Just in case anyone is reading this, feel free to post your comments, pro or con, I may or not agree with you, but in any case we can have a good old fashioned dialogue, in good humor, something our Forefathers had in a goodly quantity, but which, sadly, most of our current crop of politicians have neglected. I would like to exemplify my position by quoting an old Limerick, that sadly I have forgotten the Author of. A poet was criticized, by someone, a critic, one assumes, who called the Poet a fool. The poet replied "Sir, I admit your general rule, that every poet is a fool, but as you yourself can serve to show it, every fool is not a Poet"

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