Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dot Common Sense

Hello Good People.

I was just thinking (in relation to my salutation)

I've met too many people to even count, during my almost 74 years of life, and by golly It seems like most of them were, in fact, good people. Sure, some of them had facets of their character that weren't very attractive, but heck thats true of all of us. And in thinking further, it seems like I've met very few bad people. Oh sure, theres been some bad ones, some worse than others, and a few that I would cheerfully have strangled, if I had but the chance of getting away with the act. BUT truth be told, theres not one of them thats still around, or impacting my life in any way.

So, if at the end of the day, you are setting around brooding about what someone did to you, said to or of you, that hurt you in some way, try your best to mentally put those thoughts in the Goodwill Industries drop box, and forget about them.

Remember, the Sun always comes up in the morning, even though on some cloudy days we may not glimpse it, its there, just waiting for the clouds to part, so we can once again see the warm smile of old Sol. You know, many of the ancients, worshipped the sun and maybe it was because they felt the same way as I do.

So.....Hope for and expect the best, and if the best doesn't come around, deal with it the best way you can, and turn the page to a new day. You wouldn't abandon a leaky life raft on an unfriendly sea, choosing to either swim or drown, would you? of Course not. of good cheer, hug your loved one or ones, pet your Dog or Cat, and if you don't have a Dog or Cat, take time to pet someone else's beloved Canine. Animals, I have found have more sense than humans. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare and usually fatal brain disease, and in order to get the disease into remission, my Doctor, (The Best in the World) put me on extremely high doses of Cortico Steroids, which kept me awake, often for days at a stretch, and our sweet Chow-Chow, Miss Scarlett, stayed near me at all times, somehow she knew I needed her. I wonder how manyof my friends would have done the same, other than one true friend and of course, my Bestest Friend, My wife.


The Old Professor

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