Sunday, May 10, 2009

dot common sense

Happy Mothers Day to all you spectacular ladies out these who are Mothers. I have the immense good fortune to have been married to the World's Greatest Wife and Mother, for almost 55 years now, and I have to say that regardless of how hard I worked, in my job as a Husband and father to our three Children, I NEVER worked nearly as hard as my beloved wife did (and does) I feel singularly blessed and honored to have my proposal to her accepted lo these many years ago, tho I am still not sure why she chose me as her Husband-to-be, but I am very thankful that she did.
She could have done a whole lot better.

I am constantly dismayed to read in the papers and see on TV where guys beat their wives, lay on their fat asses and not work to support their wives and families, and ,in general, do nothing to justify their lives. They don't realize or recognize that they have a treasure, just waiting to be loved and helped.

So all of who are fortunate enough to have had (or have) a loving mother, and who are currently wed to a great wife and Mom, lets all, collectively, get down on our knees and thank God, and then hug and kiss and thank our wives for being there, always there, when we needed them.

Happy Mothers Day Sweethearts, we all love each and every one of you

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