Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dot common sense

Hello Good People:

I imagine I'm not alone in cheering the win of "Mine that Bird" Ridden by that most lovable of Jockeys, Calvin Borel . Calvin, as a lot of you already know comes from Cajun stock, and as someone who once lived among the Cajuns for Ten years, Calvin's success comes as no surprise to me. Almost all of the Cajun people I ever met, were among the most determined people one could ever hope to know, and I miss them terribly. They were also some of the most self depreciating people I've ever known, and never missed an opportunity to make fun of themselves. So let us all sit back and enjoy the moment, a 50 to 1 longshot horse wins the biggest race in the world, and a very deserving Jockey rides him to the win.
Have fun folks, ignore all the bad news if you can, cause its always out there, and I think the secret is to focus on the positive, the enriching, and the humerous things we experience every day.


The Old Professor

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