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Good Morning Good People.

As you can see, this post is on a touchy subject. I hesitated to create this post because as I am a Caucasian male, and therefore, it will be said by many that I am not qualified to comment on this subject. But I believe, and pretty much always have , that without an honest and amicable discussion, on virtually any subject, no understanding or consensus is possible. So..........Here goes.

I have to first say that I am somewhat puzzled by people of color referring to themselves as "African-Americans . My first impulse is to wonder why they want to intentionally separate (which is after all a synonym for segregate) themselves from people of other races by this self-labeling ? It seems to this old white guy that in order to ever overcome racism we must first not intentionally erect any descriptive words which become a division. How would it sound if I referred to myself as a "Scottish-Irish-French-german-British-Native-American-american"? I think I will continue to think of myself as a proud American, Period.

We also hear a lot about the "N" word. A lot more so than since the O.J. Simpson trial, when Lawyer Johnnie Cochran intentionally, he admitted, played the "Race Card".
The jury as you will recall was mostly people of color, and Cochran knew that the only realistic chance he had of a not guilty verdict was to employ this strategy.

I think you will also recall that the trial was a farce, thanks largely to a Judge who was a whole lot less than competent, and the leading Prosecutor, and I confess I can't think of her name, was also less than sharp. Even though there was clearly a huge preponderance of evidence to prove that he (O.J.) was guilty as sin, he was as you recall, acquitted.

I think this caused the biggest racial divide in this country since the Civil War, and we have the Defense Lawyers and the Jury to Blame. I also remember that very few people dared to go on Television and honestly call this a miscarriage of Justice, for fear of being labeled a Racist. folks, where are we going to end up if we as a people , do not face facts and begin to address this problem? Lets face it, most of us are Racists whether we admit it or not. I think people who admit to being so are honest and those who don't aren't.

I Think another thing that is divisive is the "Congressional Black Caucus". I feel that this intentional separatism is another form of Racism, wherein the members of said caucus find some benefit by identifying themselves in this fashion.

I have to say that I think I am fairly objective in my views, having worked with more people of color than I remember, and getting along with them very-very well.
In my previous career, I worked in a Uranium Conversion plant, as a Chemist, and was on such good terms with most of the Colored guys I worked with that they would call out my name and wave when they would see me in the far distances of the Plant. One of the smartest people I knew there was a Man of Color, and I had, and have the highest regard for this Man to this Day. He is a Minister, also, and I have frequently wished I could attend a Service at his Church, because he was so Intelligent, reasonable and well spoken.I don't think of this Man or any of the others whom I have mentioned in terms of color or race, but rather the content of their character, friendliness, and the manner in which they performed their duties. I hope that these individuals would grade me on the same fundiments.

I trust you will forgive me for using the word Colored, one that I feel and felt was respectful.

This brings one other thing to this tired old mind of mine, and that concerns the Verboten "N" word. I don't know about anyone else, But I freely admit having used that word in the past, as have, I feel, in excess of Ninety some percent of all Americans. Personally I don't find it as offensive as the 'M-F" word, which I have been called too many times without cause. Neither of these words should be used, and as one of my best friends once said to me "Not all (n words) are Black and not all Blacks are(n words) and I think that is exactly right. Perhaps we should all agree to start using the word "Trash" when describing an extremely repulsive person.

I think that over the part forty-some years too much has been ballyhooed in the Media and Government about peoples race, and too little about their behavior.

Let me be abundantly clear on one point. I have as little regard for a white fool as I do a Black, yellow, or brown fool, or any combination of those.

My family and I lived in Mississippi at the time of Lyndon Johnson's tinkering with Civil Rights. He (johnson) declared Mississippi, as a state, to be a hotbed of racial hatred. To obviate his declaration I will simply say that one of my best hunting and fishing buddies was a man of color, and I think we got along famously.

We owned a small business in the Beautiful town of Natchez, Ms, and I have never in my life met friendlier people than I did there, and I speak of people of all colors.

Once the Politicians decided they could make some political hay out of the situation. Martial Law was declared. That is when the trouble started. People of both major races began to feel as if they had to take sides, to the total detriment of most, if not all, citizens.

I was stopped at roadblocks both by the KKK and the NAACP, both of which groups were armed, and I was threatened with violence if I attempted to pierce the Roadblock. I simply followed the advice of an FBI friend of mine, and waited until the Head Grand Draggin (not a ms_) or community Organizer came to the window of my vehicle to personally give me a dire warning, and then persuaded the Threatener to accompany me through the Block with the gentle urging of a firearm which I legally had in my hand. I regret that these things happened, but they did, and I acted as I always had and do, to protect myself and my family.

It was the presence of these polar opposite groups that caused trouble in that Beautiful little Town, and not the average population.

The Government, intentionally or not, in their Proclamations, acted like a Magnet to draw these people of Ill will to that place, at that time.

How much better it would have been for the people (of all races) in Natchez, to come together in community meetings, and hash out their differences, than what ultimately ensued.

The way it turned out was that both groups of people , white and black, ended up at the least, mad at one another, and at the worst with hatred in their hearts, where there had once been a genial peace and friendship between of all races.

Folks I don't pretend to know many answers , but I don't think the answer lies in divisiveness, but rather in Education and just plain old calm common sense

To go back to the Black Caucus thing. Would it be Politically Correct for there to be a congressional White Caucus ? Of Course not. Nor would it fail to occasion charges of racism if there was a Miss White America, but apparently it is O.K. to have a Miss Black America , and how about the United Negro College fund? could there legally be a united Caucasian College Fund ? Nope!

So what we have, writ large, is a double Standard, which cannot continue to exist and even flourish, if we are ever to be a truly United Country. Personally I don't think we shall ever see such a thing, more especially not as long as there are people like Al sharpton, et al, who presume to speak for all people of one color.

I know for sure that I would resent it if anyone were to assume to someone like Rush Limbaugh, or any other big-mouthed fool of his ilk, was speaking for me. I speak for myself, not only in words, but in behavior, and in efforts to be a good citizen. I cannot speak for those of other races, but I would be willing to bet that intelligent members of whatever race would feel similiar to what I feel.

Personally I think that to give people like Sharpton a stage is a form of emotional Blackmail, catering as he does to the innermost bad inclinations of some people, causing unruly demonstrations, near riots, needless violence and arrests.

He and said Limbaugh are Jokers from the same deck, albeit a different suite.

As I said in the preamble to this post, I am as sure as I can be that I will be criticised, as a white person, for even daring to speak to such a controversial subject, but I don't really care. I think wrong is wrong and right is right, and one of the most important Rights, that of Free Speech, as enumerated in the Constitution, should apply equally to all people of whatever Color or Background, and then perhaps, just perhaps, we can finally start to sort through the minefield that is currently race Relations, and Racism.

I think that I, personally, have been as often discriminated against for giving honest answers to posed questions, rather than following Office Politic Norms and/or "Politically Correct Answers". A phrase that sickens me a little more each time I read or hear it. So if you agree or disagree with the above, let me hear about it in your comments, for it is truly said that a Man without Opinions is like a Preacher without pants, in that no one could tell you what either had to say. I will add one thing, and then I will shut up. recently my wife was in a Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Facility, following Knee Replacement Surgery, and among all the nice people was a Lady of color(and I Stress the word Lady) who went out of her way to be nice and sweet to my wife. The day my wife left both she and I hugged this fine lady in gratitude for her wonderful care and loving personality and both received a generous hug in return. Nuff Said. Now, I firmly believe in the Biblical Injunction to Judge Not lest You be Judged, and I freely admit to having failed to strictly adhere to those instructions, in all cases, However , how wrong is it, when we see a fool, to call him or her a fool, when we see trash, to think of them as trash, and recognize a criminal, regardless of color . When people of this or that voting bloc begin to stress Education and Behavior as methods of self-betterment, rather than using their uniqueness to try and get something for nothing, and as an excuse for their trespasses, then and only then will their lot,and that of the American People begin to improve.

As I said in the beginning, I hesitated to broach this subject, knowing full well the criticisms I will receive, and I worked on this post for about three months before posting, to try my best to show objectivity. My efforts may not be good enough, but I will have, at least, tried. Isn't that perhaps what we all need to do?

Best Wishes


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