Monday, November 2, 2009

All Comments Welcome.

good Evening all Y'all.

I have noticed, as have some of you, that there is a dearth of comments regarding this Blog.

Now this could be either a good or bad sign, Either no one is reading the blog, or if they are, they are not commenting. While this lack will not (probably) keep me from adding to this mess, I would feel a lot better about my poor efforts if I received some comments, Good or Bad or even Horrible.

It is by this method I will learn whether any of my posts have struck a chord with any of you, made you mad, made you pump your fist in the air and say 'Right On", or "What a dummy", or" my German Shepherd could do better than this "(I would suggest a translation), in this case.

So come on folks don't be shy, lets get a good dialogue going. I've made no secret of two primary things in this endeavor. One, I don't consider myself a writer, and two, I am trying to become one of these elusive species. I want to write for two reasons, to make a few people chuckle, and two, state my humble opinion on subjects in or on the passing scene.

I've had all kinds of experiences in my life, so far, hope to have more, and hope to be able to share some or all of them with you. I find writing to be enjoyable and hope earnestly for some of you to enjoy the retelling of them. I promise I'll try not to sermonize, or if I do I WILL NOT pass the collection plate.

Someone, and I cannot for the life of me think who it was, said, Every Man (or woman) has at least one good Sermon in them. And I would add, in most cases it should remain IN them.

That said, I have always enjoyed talking to people, but have, I think, enjoyed listening even more. For it is by this basic exercise that we learn and grow.

I think many of our children might possibly enjoy their schooling more, if their teacher were to assign an exercise for them, to just set down and write whatever they want to, no matter the subject or format. I know of at least one former teacher who did just this, and for this reason, as for his calm reason and demeanor that I consider him a friend, even though we've never met, save on the pages of Emails. I am speaking, of course, of the Author of 'Exactly Write" a blog devoted to writing.The author of this blog is also the Editorial Page Editor of our local newspaper. I value his counsel because of not just what he knows, but his willingness to share the same. If you have not read and enjoyed his blog, as I have done for sometime now, here's the site:
http://Exactly Give him a read, tell him the Old Professor sent you, and sit back and read and profit therefrom.

So, come on, Guys and Gals, lets hear what you think. If you think I should just shut up, say so, If you think it more fitting that I be hung on the public square at high noon, chime in, whatever, I'll either enjoy it or profit from it, or both.

Stay Well

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