Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Good Evening all veterans and those who love and appreciate them.

I cannot do Justice to the Veterans and Servicemen and Women of this Country in this feeble effort but I will do my best.

To all my fellow Veterans of Earlier Times and Earlier Wars; THANK YOU AND WELL DONE.

To the Men and Women who are currently serving our Country, in Hundreds of roles, and almost that many areas of Service , I, as well as all other Proud Americans, Salute and Thank you for your unselfish Service to this Nation.

To the uncountable Men and Women of our Armed forces, who have given their last full measure of Duty, Honor and Country, you will never be forgotten, regardless of the Period of your Sacrifice, in whatever War.

To the Millions of Men and Women who have served our Nation, in roles both Heroic and unrecognized , and shamefully have not been properly rewarded for their Service you are our Heroes, and will always remain so.

And to the Thousands of our Wounded and Maimed Veterans of a Foreign War, we can never repay or reward you for your Service, but we make a pledge to never forget your sacrifice or to fail to try and help you in any way we can.

I know that I am joined by many Millions of Americans who are proud of our Country, and those who have served her, in Saluting and Thanking You from the bottom of our Hearts.

Well done and stand at Ease. You have done your part.

The Old Professor

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