Thursday, November 19, 2009


Good Morning, Gentle People.

Just some thoughts about our Government.
I think there are a great number of myths associated with the Government of the United states.

I think it says in the Constitution that We, the American People, have the right to Petition our Government for Relief.

One would assume that this means that we, each of us, can dash off a letter to any member of our Government that we feel can help us in any number of issues that are of importance to us, or alternately, pick up the telephone and Speak with the Member of the Government that we wish to have speak with.


while it is true, any of us can sit ourself down and pen a letter to our Congressman, our Senator or even our President. If your mind is full of expectations of a quick answer, or any answer, If your heaving breast is about to burst with the happy expectation of a sooner, rather than later, redress, I have the unpleasant job of disillusioning you.

If you have the unmitigated gall and unrealistic expectation of hearing anything from any of the above mentioned individuals........don't hold your breath.

Now, it is true that you will probably receive a letter of acknowledgement of the Mighty Magistrate to whom you wrote, it will be nothing more than "We got your letter,and we really don't give a Rat's Ass about your problem, we have to act like we do so you will vote for Senator Jack S. Phogbound in the next election, so please fill out the enclosed release form for us, so we can use your name, pillage your rights and trample on your hopes"

This missive will bear the impressive signature of the official in question, signed in fact by an Autopen, a device that signs letters from the mighty to spare the official in question the onerous task of signing his or her name occasionally, on something other than his paycheck, or a Hotel Register in the Bahamas or some such exotic place where the Offical has gone on a "Fact finding Mission' of great importance to the Nation, and of great Fun and Profit for the Official.

Or if you really want a giggle, just try writing to the President and see how far you get, if you are asking for anything other than his Polpul Blessings. The foregoing is not a misspelling, I thought to put Papal Blessings there, but thought it would be disrespectful, although I'm as certain as I can be that there hasn't been a President in a long time who hasn't had the occasional moment of jealousy when meeting the Pope, wishing that he, the Prez, could wear a Golden Dress replete with many insignia of Office, Rank, Perfect Attendance, Knot tying and etc to impress any and all who view him (But mostly Himself).I also think it's probable that many Presidents would like some sort of distinctive headgear, so that people would have no trouble recognizing him and bowing appropriately, something on the order of a cross betweens Abe Lincoln's Top Hat and The British Crown and trimmed all round with fur gleaned from the Toupee's of vanquished members of the Opposing Party

I've heard that the most often replaced item of Furnishing in the White House is the Mirrors. After a few months of daily Presidential Preening, nay, hourly, the mirrors are just worn out answering "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" questions, and have to be replaced with new mirrors, just refilled with fawning Lies.

But, I digress, as I am frequently wont to do.

I'm Trying to say, I guess, that once we elect Fred or Ethel Earnest, of say, Hipshot, Iowa, we need not worry about being troubled by the shiny new Official, cause we will never hear from them again, unless they need money.Or your Vote.

If I sound like a cynic, its because I are one.

Sleep Well, and keep those Tax Dollars Comin`


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