Sunday, November 29, 2009

Public Servants

Good Evening;

I am, this evening, reflecting on our Public Servants.

The first in this category that comes to mind are the dedicated Men and Women of our various Police and fire Departments.

I have, I must confess, in common with many other people , been altogether too cavalier in my taking our Police and fire Departments for granted. It is, I am very much afraid, only when we have cause to call upon them, that we truly realize when these dedicated, underpaid and certainly unappreciated servants do for us.

On the part of the Police, City, State, and National, I think each of us fail to think about the reality that when these loyal servants leave their homes to report for duty, there is no guarantee that they will return to their Homes and Families ever again.

Far, Far too many of our Police and Fire personnel lose their lives each and every year in the performance of their duties. If we think back to the terrible day of September 11, 2001, we will recall that more than Three Hundred members of the Fire and Police Departments of New York city lost their lives on that fateful day. None of them ran FROM danger, but rather Towards it, why ? because it was their duty, their Noble duty , to Protect and to Serve us, the selfsame people who all too often take them for granted.

And, it seems, almost no week goes by without reading about or hearing of, on Television, that another of these unselfish people has given their life in the service of each and every one of us.

I guess there are very few of us who, at one time or other, has grumbled, or even cursed, When a Policeman or Woman, in the performance of their duty has given us a ticket (usually deserved). I think that what we all fail to remember that these Men and Women are just doing their duty. and sure, there are those occasions, when a Police Officer is a little less than courteous when giving us said ticket. But I dare anyone to cite any one profession whose members are always good and decent.

I think you will find that this impossible, for, alas, there is good and bad in all of us, whatever our profession.

And of course, for the past Six or Seven Years , we have watched almost daily when one or, too often, several of the Men or Women of our Armed Forces, has given the last full measure of their devotion to their Country and their Duty.

Anyone who has ever been to West Point has, I'm sure seen the motto graven in the stone of the Entrance(s) to that Great Institution, These simple words, "Duty, Honor, Country".

I think, that written or engraved or not, that each of our Public Servants who protect us, ignoring the inherent dangers of their Profession, has this same motto in their Hearts.

So join with me please, in this Season of Thanksgiving , to pause for just a moment to say, either silently or aloud, "Thank You" We love and appreciate each of you.

Rest Well this evening, we are well served and protected.

The Old Professor

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