Monday, September 14, 2009

Apologies to Computers (with reservations)

Good Morning Good People and Good Computers (if there is such a device)

Today I am offering my unabridged apologies to most computers everywhere. As readers of my Blog will perhaps recall, I have entered at least one Blog on Computers in the past, but today I wish to apologize.

I have slowly discovered, over a period of trial and error, lasting several years, during which I was attempting to teach myself to use a computer(which I have heard from experts is the best way), ie that the easiest way to learn to use a computer is to use the computer itself to teach ones self, and for a dummy like me, that is a valuable lesson, and one I should have already known, for I discovered along life's way that while a College Education is a helpful thing, in that it teaches a person where to look for they want to know, Experience is still the time-proven best Teacher.

For instance I have frequently a need to read and understand fully, Government Documents,( which as anyone who has had occasion to do is an instant migraine inducer). During which, when reading and trying to decipher said documents, I have run across the §, which as any Lawyer or Professional Befuddler knows is the symbol for section.

You will note that I have indeed just used this "special' symbol above. Before today I did not know how to access this symbol or any other of a multitude of like characters, like the character for copyright, which is ., of course ©, as well as Letters with accents, foreign characters, currency symbols, and so on.

I just flat didn't know. Once I thought one had to have special keyboard in order to implement these characters, and I am perhaps too pleased with myself, in acquiring this bit of knowledge. I finally figured out that I should let Google do the work, and did so, typing in "Special Symbols".

as with any Googler knows, I immediately got about Three Million references, of which several were not useful to me, before finally stumbling onto "computing with Accents, Symbols & Foreign Scripts" which spells out, with examples, how to access these symbols, via the keyboard.

So, as I erase just one more thing from the unending list of things that I did not know, I feel a small of sense of Triumph. `scuse it please.

Undoubtedly, as is human nature, a lot of you are thinking or saying, "Well that guys a dummy, I already knew that", but if there are any other computer illiterates out there, you might want to remember this page reference.

Sorry, old Chumputer

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