Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on Ignorance.

Good Morning Gentle souls :

Just a recap and update on things I don't know, and the availability of help.

It seems that a number of folks have told me that they couldn't find my blog, so after fruitlessly trying the things I knew how to do (and I am embarrassed at their low census) I appealed for help on google, and lo and behold, I received four answers to my problem. One or two of them I didn't fully understand, being as I am, a neophyte in the world of not only blogging, but computers in general, but I received outstanding replies from Mr. John Turner, which I think have corrected the problem, and made me also probably too proud of the nice compliments about my lowly blog.

This reinforces, I think, my earlier blog on using the computer to teach ones self how to use the Computer properly.

I know in this day and age of Technology, most younger people assume that everyone knows how to use every byte of the Technology involved in/with computers. But as for me, I freely confess that among the millions of things I do not know are what most people think are basic, common knowledge, in Re computers.

So I guess I will continue to gather my rusty lance, and mount my swaybacked Dell , and joust earnestly away at the Windmills of Knowledge.

Out damned spot(s)

I greatly appreciate the kind people who have thus far responded , they have reaffirmed my belief in human nature.

On appropriately bended knee, I am:

The Old Professor (aka; the dummy)

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