Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Blog

Hello good People:

I hope you are all Hale and Hearty this Day.

This will be a short posting to recommend a couple of very good blogs.

The first is: http://eto22/
this Blog is written by a young Captain in the U.S. army. I was routed to the Blog by the Captain's Father, whose own Blog (Exactly Write) inspired me to begin Writing again after a too long hiatus (together with a few emails of encouragement). No doubt said pater familias has had second thoughts now about said urgings, but too late, the damage is done, as anyone who had read my soggy blog already knows.
Anyway, back to the Blog by the Young Captain.
This Blogger is an admirer of "Catch 22" by Joseph Heller, and he readily admits it has inspired his Blog and the style in which it is written.
I will let all of you to make your own assessments of this Blog, but I'd wager you will instantly love it, as have I. I think the Blog serves to illustrate not only the Excellence of his Fraternal (and I hasten to add, his Maternal )antecedent, and their keen insight into the human condition, but also the Excellent Education he received at the United States Military Academy at West Point. After checking out this blog I don't think many of you will disagree with my assessment.

I recently was stumped by a puzzle relating to this pitiful Blog of mine, and posted a question on Yahoo.Ask, as well as other sites, seeking an answer, and was immediately helped by a Mr. John Butler Turner. He also gifted me with the address of two of his Blogs which are Excellent and helpful. They are: and

I'm sure that you will enjoy these blogs also, as have I.

Happy Blogging (even though it is hard slogging)

All the Best

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