Sunday, September 27, 2009


Good Morning Good People.

I was just reflecting on some funny things that have happened to me over the course of my life, so far. To be blunt quite a few things that were not so funny also happened.

I was rereading a great blog "eto22thedeadmaninyossarianstent" which I recommended in a previous blog entry, and read the Authors advance apologies to his parents for using some profanity (mild) in his writings about his ongoing Army Service(I know , I know, Service should not be capitalized in this sentence, but as I have said before, I capitalize the things that I hold to be important, and I will Always Capitalize terms regarding any one's Military Service. It is a matter of respect with me, as I feel that too many who have Served are not recognized. Now, I hastily exempt myself from that list, as I absolutely did nothing heroic while in the Army, but I should say, that one of my postings was in the Washington, D.C. area, and I, being more or less perpetually broke, I spent many weekends touring all the many tourist spots in our Nation's Capitol, including many a happy hour in the Smithsonian Institute where I also met one of the Proctors of that magical place, and thus got to see some things that weren't on display to the public. Another of my favorite places to visit was Arlington National Cemeterywhere
I spent many a Saturday or Sunday sitting on the steps of the Lee House, facing the Tomb of the Unknown, watching with respect and admiration as the Eternal Honor guard paced out his March of Tribute, back and forth, regardless of weather, with admirable precision and timing . I had the privilege of contemplating the unheard roll call of the Honored Dead who lay on these hallowed grounds. I remember thinking that anyone who has not visited this beautiful place are perhaps unknowingly poorer for not having done so. On the days when I walked among the Markers of those who lay here I tried to always pay a silent Tribute to each and every one of them, regardless of their rank, for they themselves in a lot of cases probably thought their Service to our Nation was insignificant, but no other person who views these perfect rows of Markers can possibly think such.
And that is all I'm going to write on this subject right now, for I lack the mental agility and command of our common language to properly pay Homage. My poor efforts fall much too short.

I had intended to continue this blog with some of the amusing anecdotes that happened to me, during the course of my Army term, but for some reason, I don't think I can write any more just now, as I find myself wandering a bit too much from my storyline.

I will try to continue later.

Stay Well


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