Monday, September 28, 2009


I have stated in an earlier blog that I don't ordinarily discuss Religion and/or politics. (Notice the capitalization and lack thereof, as a reminder of the importance of the two)

But on this one occasion, I will depart from my rule (and its really only a rule applying to face to face conversations, what I write on this mess of a blog are nothing more than opinions that I hope won't be held against me, as, after all, where would we be as a species if not for exchanges of opinion)

I really don't know enough about any Religion to comment at length on it, but over the past too many years I have been given more than due cause to wonder about the Muslim religion. I suppose I should hasten to say that the following is not a reflection on any true Muslims , but merely my opinions of some of their less enlightened brothers.

But, it seems to me that ANY religion that encourages people to kill other people for no other reason than a difference of opinion concerning one Religion vs. another is misguided, to be kind, and Bastardized, to be less kind. I speak of course, of those nutty "Mullahs" who encourage their followers to go out and blow themselves up, in order to kill anyone who happens to be in the vicinity when they act upon these crazy instructions. I have noted, as have, I'm sure many of you, that usually when some misguided follower of that Nut Mullah Omar, commits one of these unspeakable acts, upon direction, fellow Muslims are frequently killed, as well as people of a different religious persuasion than their own. These idiots, I understand are also led to believe that they will go straight to Paradise and be presented with seventy two virgins. Wouldn't it be funny if the bespoken virgins turned out to all be men just like the bomber? As Homer Simpson (A very wise man in compared to these bloodthirsty idiots), would say D`OH!!!
And all the above comments above apply equally to the men (lower case intended) who have proudly beheaded people in the name of "their God". I think I speak for the majority of all people of goodwill, in saying that I hope that the person who so proudly committed such an unspeakable act on tape, as in the case of the young Jewish boy who did nothing more than go to Iraq in hopes of erecting some communication towers, under contract, to the U.S. Government,and was beheaded on tape, it is to be hoped that the Animal responsible for this heinous act is now receiving his just Punishment, that Terrorist deserves nothing more than disdain, both for his savage and senseless act but what he has received. As for the showing of this tape on american T.V One can only try to imagine what horrors this caused the family of the young Jewish boy. Hopefully the savage who performed this atrocious act, is now wandering around Paradise, Thanks to a surgically placed smart bomb fired from a U.S. Aircraft,and his subsequent demise, is among seventy two guys with the same puzzled look of disappointment on their faces, as does the most recent arrival, all of whom, it is to be hoped, named Bruce.

Again, these are just my thoughts, and if you don't like them, I don't care. My Christian Faith says for us to practice forgiveness, that we might be forgiven, and I try to Hew to that line, but these deceased dunces of whom I write, need not think overmuch on my forgiveness, but rather that of He who will be on the Bench in the Court of final Judgement. My God is a loving God, and I assume the same is true of the God of the Islamic religion, but apparently these followers of the "mullet Mullahs" have persuaded their followers that their God wants Christian and Jewish Blood as well as the blood of anyone who disagrees with their dunderheaded views. True peaceful practioners of Islam, I'm sure, are just as disgusted as am I.

Stay Well, and allow others to do the same.


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