Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On Writing

Good Morning:

I would like to reflect for a bit on the Art of Writing. Now that very first sentence shows how little I know. A lot of people will indeed refer to Writing as an Art, while others will typify Writing as a Craft. However I have noticed, over the years, that more than a few people, known as Craftsmen, have done their job to such perfection that it , in fact, becomes an Art . Perhaps the same thing is extant in Writing ?

If my interpretation of Dictionary definitions of the two that suggest they are synonymous, according to their
respective contexts in usage, I suppose these two terms are difficult to categorize.

I guess that the "Art" component, and those who argue for it, would say that writing something in a fashion that grabs the reader by the throat, and makes them want to continue reading, is indeed, an Art.

The faction that argues that Writing is a Craft might very well make the identical argument, in their favor.

whichever category it falls into, I've found writing on almost any subject to be both rewarding and frustrating at times, sometimes in the same sentence or paragraph.

It probably is now apparent that I know very little about Writing, having written nothing more original than Technical Reports for the past twenty five years or so, but I think I'm willing to learn, from experts in the field, those who earn their living on the keyboard, and with the agility of their mind.

But therein lies the trick. I've said before that I have probably read Thousands of books in my life, so far, and usually add from two or three to six or seven, weekly, depending on the weather and my attention span. I do not regret for one moment reading anything, but I think one danger that I will have to learn to avoid, or at least manage, is letting any one writer influence me in my writing.

I would suppose those who know more about writing, than I, and their numbers are legion, would perhaps say that there is nothing wrong with emulating the style of one whom you admire, as long as you don't make a meal of it, or, in other words, just copying , but this is just a guess.

further, I would guess , that the best one can do when one aspires to write, is just write, and make all the mistakes, until you discover your own style, your own "voice" if you will.

I was encouraged to start writing, not too long ago, by a couple of people I respect, to just go ahead and write, and the rest will take care of itself (paraphrased), and have decided to do just that. In this effort I have discovered more than a few things about my efforts. I have discovered that I enjoy writing, and feel a modest sense of satisfaction in doing so, however poor the result might be.

I encourage all those of you who know more about the Art or Craft than I do, to let me know what you think, I promise I will take no umbrage at your criticisms or encouraging words.



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